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Engine 3.8L

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Does anyone know an estimate on how much it would cost to install a 3.8 liter engine for a 1995 windstar. It's a Jasper engine.
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I did one on an older model and spent a day and a half, about 12 hrs.
I was also working from a Clymer manual. Somebody that knows what they are doing and has the advantage of a lift should be able to shave hours off of my record.
You can buy a rebuilt, TDK engine for less than that if you're willing to ********************er. Guarnteed for 12 mos. or 12K miles. Check Pep Boys or Discount Auto. Don't forget your 'core' (old engine), it's usually worth at least $100.00.
My last 350 Chevy was under $800 with professional discounts.
Plumguy, wise choice if your not into it.
I'm one of the guru's of the 327/350 GM engines. Much of my input came from Ed Bourke, one of the engineers and a friend in later life. I currently run 350's rated at 330 HP in my boat. They grenade every few years but try and find a cheaper boat engine.
Have 2 of them in a comfortable 33' sportfish. Hit about 30 kts. at cruise, around 35 MPH for lubbers.
Is a 10 yr old van worth 4K? Not here.
That looks like something that he would have done. Date is right too.
He was one of the most fascinating guys that I have ever met.
I was once rebuilding an old Palmer boat engine (1923, I think) and needed pistons, I called Ed. He gave me the history of the company, the dimensions of the piston, which model of MG piston would fit and how much to trim off of the piston skirt. All of this right off the top of his head and he was in his late 70's at the time.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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