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Engine 3.8L

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Does anyone know an estimate on how much it would cost to install a 3.8 liter engine for a 1995 windstar. It's a Jasper engine.
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a friend of mine converted a taurus wagon from a 3 liter to a 3.8 out of a mercury sable. he got lucky and bought a sable that the body was shot, and the engine half unhooked so it would not drive down the road. got a good engine for fifty bucks. converted it himself, with a bunch of other fixes like new steering, and new tires the total cost ran up at $400 if you can find one, another vehical with a 3.8 and a swap may be the way to go. i would suggest looking for something identical if that works for you, just with a good engine.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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