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Engine 3.8L

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Does anyone know an estimate on how much it would cost to install a 3.8 liter engine for a 1995 windstar. It's a Jasper engine.
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Yes, I know exactly how much it will cost. I just had a 3.8 Jasper put in the wife's 1996 Windstar in May. Total mechanic bill was $3843.67. That included the Jasper installation supplies kit, which I'd highly recommend. That kit was a bargain versus buying all the stuff piece meal. Be advised that the 3.8 comes out through the bottom of the van, with the transaxles and wheels and all still attached as an assembly. It's quite a project that really should be done with the aid of a lift to raise the vehicle up off the disconnected engine assembly.
Teetorbilt said:
Is a 10 yr old van worth 4K? Not here.
Nope. Ain't worth that, but it's her baby. We certainly couldn't have bought another van for 4K. Plus I just had a new transaxle put in a couple of years ago. Now we're good for another 200,000. We've had it since new, so I pretty much know what we got. If this was a work van, it would surely have went to the salvage yard.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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