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Energy Tax Credit AC and/or furnace?

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My 14 year old ac unit went kaput. Definitely gonna replace it but was looking into the new energy tax credit and was told that in order to qualify, a new furnace would need to be installed as well since my current furnace is 80%.
As my furnace is also 14 years old, this might be a good time to change it out although it currently works fine. I would probably move the existing furnace to my detached garage and use it there. Am I required to update my furnace also in order to get the tax credit?
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What, no HVAC guys on CT today? Thats the last time I answer any carpentry questions for the HVAC guys! Cmon guys help me out with some input
You'll find very few if any A/Cs meet 16SEER and 13EER using a standard blower motor.

As a rule, yep, need to either get a new furnace. Or your old furnace nneds to already have a VS blower.
You have two options to qualify. Either a furnace rated at 95% efficient, or heat-pump or A/C rated at 16 S.E.E.R. or higher. However, according to the manufactorers, you need to have an variable speed blower to get the 16 SEER performance.

Are you going to replace the indoor coil and condensing unit?
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