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Energy Audits

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Anyone doing energy audits as part of their 'proposals'? I would think you'd have to have a pretty solid qualifying process in order to justify the hours?

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A few years back I was working for a company that was part of what we did on a few buildings, we went beyond the energy, we examined the whole structure.

PM a UPS Acct # and I will send you the report, you might find it useful
I am actually taking classes for this (starting this fall) Finishing up my electrical degree and the plan is to also offer to do energy audits and fixing buildings that need the help. Think it will be a nice add on and a new potential for work.
Who are the classes through? National program? Is there a reputable three digit addition I can add to my name? :thumbup: :thumbup: I saw that HUD has some programs on it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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