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Just wanted to see if there were any stories, or advice, on how owners have handled employees constant hints they want to go it alone and want your help starting getting licensed and starting their own business.

Years ago I worked for a construction company that always opening encouraged their employees to go out and do their own thing if they wanted. This seemed like a good strategy because it diffused the whole negotiated for more money attempt and made the company not look like a scared tyrant wanting to keep their employees to the plow.

Also, if any of you had a story about a key employee wanting to go it alone who was a mutual friend of a potential customer who could give your company some large contracts.

I am sure the first part of the question above is a common problem and I am sure there has been a thread on it somewhere but, wanted to put it out there new and see if anyone had stories or advice. Thanks

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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