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Employee sent me on my course do I need to pay them back?

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I am a CAD design engineer and recently I have been employed and sent on a course.

My contract ends at the end of the year, if I don't renew my contract do I still need to pay it back? Below is what is stated?

It is hereby agreed that:
1. The Company agrees to provide to the Contractor the training as outlined in Schedule A of this agreement at no cost to the Contractor providing:
a) The Contractor does not leave the company of their own volition within 3 years of recieving the training.
b) If the Contractor leaves the company within 3 years of recieving the training, the Contractor does not use the skills, knowledge or training provided for a minimum of 2 years from the date of leaving the Company.
2. The Company acknowledges that if the services of the Contractor are no longer required, and the relationship between the Company and Contractor is terminated by the Company (except in case of breach of contract or misconduct – see paragrahph 3) that the Contractor is free to use the skills, knowledge and training provided under Schedule A.
3. Breach of Contract/Misconduct by the Contractor shall be treated as paragrah 1.
4. The full cost of the training, plus any hourly payments made during the training period,
to the limit of £13,000 shall be come liable with any breach of this agreement, to be settled within 30 days of the breach.

Sorry for it being so long
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So they knowingly sent you to an expensive course with your contract ending by within the 3 year time limit. Seems to me you just can not use the training for two years after leaving then after that two years you can.

You can leave, you just cant work. Win win.
Is terminating your employment a breach?

Seems pretty aggressive, you might want to investigate the legality of the contract with whatever governing body directs labor laws over there.
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