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Electrician's statement ?

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I have been asked by a insurance company to look at a house (1960 era) and give a statement of the condition of the electrical. Any one know what they might be talking about? How about what to charge?
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Personally, I would advise them on what's there and what the current code calls for. Things like lack of bathroom, kitchen, and exterior GFCI receptacles, lighting in utility areas like a furnace or boiler, and the condition the panel is in along with the grounding and bonding if it is lacking any from the current NEC.

I'll bet they just want to know that there's no bootleg crap work that was done and if it was can you please come clean it up.

And remember, a new 200 amp service will go a long way in being able to sell the house more quickly and today that means everything.

Good luck.
Make it very very very clear you can only inspect what you can see. Who knows what evils are buried in the walls.
As to your question of what to charge for the inspection...................

Charge ALL of your time.

Portal to Portal = from time you left the shop till you return.

plus mileage = I think the latest is about $.52 per mile

Include time you spend writing up the report = ALL of the TIME even if you type slow

What ever your hourly rate is you can almost double it.


You are being paid for your expert opinion. If they baulk at the price then negotiate from there.

Give your honest straightforward assessment. This may be a case of possible insurance fraud and they want a second opinion before settlement. You will be trusted by the insurance company to be their expert in the field. They may even ask you for a quote to do the job. You may not get it but you will be paid for quoting on the job which is a very rare thing these days.

If you do a good job for the insurance company (meaning they settle for a lower figure) they may call on you again in the future. Not a bad thing.

Do not get into giving your assessment over the phone put it in writing with lots of detail. If you are detailed, who ever is be questioned (homeowner/contractor) will not have a leg to stand on. Be prepared to back up your statements. Document and detail is a very good thing in this job.

I prefer to do this type of work outside my general territory.:whistling

Good luck.

X2, you may also want to state somewhere that you are in no way liable for any comments, information or opinions given that are stated withen the inspection. You are not an inspector are you? I beleive giving an inspection brings some liability with it, i have always stated that i will give my opinion pertaining to the condition of the homes electrical service and circuitry and that goes by what i can only physically see.
Make it very very very clear you can only inspect what you can see. Who knows what evils are buried in the walls.
Of course, if you don't have a megger, you may be able to include the price of one in your 'inspection'.
And please come back and tell us how it went down.

If you want to just PM the results that is OK.:thumbup:
they want you to say it needs a complete rewire so they can tell the H.O. to get it done in 60 days or we will cancel you -if no upgrades have been preformed it needs it anyway
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