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Electrical Cords & Air Hoses...

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This seems like a dumb conversational topic, but it has me stumped. I need to hear some good ways or ideas on tying up cords and hoses. I currently wrap them in a circle and than swoop one of the loose ends around the top 1/3 two or three times and pull the end through making a grab handle that won't release the cord or hose...easy to carry, transport, etc. Problem is in cold weather the last 4 feet of either(cord or hose) will keep it's memory and stay stiff from all the wrapping around the circle. This also damages the ends of the air hoses over time.

In the past I've used 18" lengths of electrical wire or the grounds and just twisted it around an oval. The wires get lost and lose rigidity after 20 or so uses. I've tried the velcro with the eyelet so you pull the free end through to avoid losing it. Velcro is semi attached to the cord so it's always being dragged through mud, dust, etc. losing it's holding power completely. I've seen the clamps that are sold at Depot, but it seems like they're very big and bulky. Recently, I saw the HVAC guys using zipties. Hmmm...seems interesting to use and they just snip them every morning. They use the medium strength ones with extension ladders on their racks and the small light duty ones on their cords. At Harbor Freight, I can you can get a 100 pk for 5 or 6 bucks. Just a thought.

Anyways, I figured I'd see what everyone uses for ties. I have about a dozen hoses in various lengths between 25/50/100' and similar lengths in cords, 12 & 14 gauge. Most of them are used daily depending on need so something like throwaway zipties probably wouldn't work as I'd be using 100/week.
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Ask the data guys for some lengths of velcro, put it on everything you own, I just moved my tools into a gangbox for security and velcroed all mine up.


Thanks! Those looks great, might order them tonight
I like ball bungees for both air hoses and electrical cords.


This for the hose....

This for the cords

For my 100' cords I daisy chain them.
I like these for daily use but zip ties for occasional use cordage...

Sheathed or unsheathed romex works for me,...usually have plenty hanging around. 14/2 is easy on the fingers.
I short piece of 1 1/2 or 2" pvs pipe will slip over most tool cords when rolled up and folded in 1/2,
Chain the cords

tie wire wrapped at the male air chuck roll up cord conect ends fold in 1/2 then wrap wire around fold a time or 2
All cords and hoses get coiled audio/TV cable style, then secured with a loop of velcro. The velcro stays around the cord or hose, around the plug end.
Trying to explain the over under wrap to an apprentice is a battle.
All cords and hoses get coiled audio/TV cable style, then secured with a loop of velcro. The velcro stays around the cord or hose, around the plug end.
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