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Electric water tank

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This is a question for my own home. I currently have a 40gallon GE hot water tank thats beginning to go. Ive replaced the elements in it once before and I can see the bottom showing rust. So my question is what do you plumbers suggest as far as brand and type? I would like to have a tankless just for the sake of "endless" hot water.

I live in Pittsburgh PA where sometimes we go through cold spells where temps go below 0 for a short time. My worry is it wont get the water hot enough. Am I right on that? Or should I just settle for a 50 gallon unit? My house has 2 full baths and a 1/2 bath. Just me and the wife right now and our son (18 month old) We usually shower one after the other, 45-60min to allow water to heat back up, Or if one of us takes a long shower the tank seems like it is running out faster.

So what direction should I go considering I have electric only?
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Hey Eric, I have limited knowledge on the tankless units. But from what I've researched for different projects about them and from a couple people I know with them. I would say to stay with a regular tank.

In my opinion, you really don't get your moneys worth out of the tankless units either gas or electric.

Like rex said, if you can fit it go with a big unit.

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