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Do any of you guys do any EIFS? I have a question on applying base coat. Wondering if anybody sprays on the base and trowels the mesh into it. Seems like it should work if you sprayed on heavy enough and thick enough.
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EIFS basecoat is not something you want to leave on thick. If too thick, it will crack. The thickness of the final product should be just enough that no mesh showing. I dont see a reason to spray basecoats unless you have really large flat areas of walls. Plus you'll need a team of plasterers to do the final finishing.
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I do quite a bit of EIFS. Never sprayed the base coat or heard of anyone else spraying it. (Spray finish all day long though.) I usually precut my mesh, spread the section, embed the mesh, then take all my lines out and leave it flat. If you have a couple good plasterers I don't see how a sprayer would save a lot of time since you can't get too far ahead with the mud anyway or it will dry out before you get mesh in it.

Plaster On.
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