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Eatin grits, settin' tile

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Well, at least we don't get snowed in. Came across this board while laughing at all the bad info on the web about tile installation. I stopped in mid-chuckle.

I'm an "old school" tile mechanic, brought up on mud, apprenticed to an old master in 1980. I've run 14 employees, I've been solo. Right now I work with my son. We do high-end, complex tile and stone. At 47, I'm at the peak of my skill, but I have an open mind and I'm always willing to learn.
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Welcome to the forum Kyras.

How long you been around Charleston? I graduated From Monks Corner in 80, We might have been learning our trades on some of the same jobs.
welcome. used to live P.T. in Lexington and ran crews throughout the State. Love SC. Wish I was there now when its like -5 right now.:no:
Born and raised, Sawdaddy. West Ashley is my stompin' ground, but I get around. I'm the white pickup with all the toolboxes... I think I just passed you.
Yeah I saw you. I'm in the white van with the ladder rack.:thumbsup:

FremontREO, It ain't worth the trip for the temperature difference today.

Welcome to CT. I am a former Charleston native myself. I say that laughing b/c my family moved to Atlanta when I was 1 but I was born at Roper.

One side of the family lived out off 61 and the other half was on Lake Moultrie in Moncks Corner. I've spent a lot of time in both of those regions. Great city!
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