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You get a very good picture if, while your model is open, you go up to <FILE>, select EXPORT, then pick "2 dimensional".

This creates a "PNG" file anywhere you choose. PNG files can be posted here, emailed as attachments, and they are easily read by MS Word.

All you do is "attach" the PNG file to your email. That's it.
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bert you can also hit "printscreen" on a pc keyboard (right next to scroll lock) open paint and paste. then save as jpg...or if you have the software installed you can print as a "pdf" with any one of several pdf creators

the export as 2d graphic is a great tip!

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You can deselect guides and profiles to clean it up
Deleting guides I know but what are profiles?

Are those things that show up at intersections and end points and how do you delete them?
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