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Hi, I'm new here.

I'm an artist that also does wall paintings, faux finishing and color washing.
I'd like to share experiences.

I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Faux painting is not that big here, that's why I put up a website in english.

They've asked me to put some extra info so:
I graduated art school in 1991, worked as an artist since
But in art school, you don't learn anything about painting.

So After that, I learned watercolor techniques,
with very refined color effects that I use in wall glazing.
Studied and wrote color theory, untill I knew color up into my fingertips.

I also learned to make oil paint and do more traditional oil painting. Learned color effects in layering paint, which comes in handy when doing faux finishings and house painting

I've always done wall paintings, the key of which is harmonious colors. Otherwise the results are unbearable.

Had 2 children too, so I'm a working mother.

I do about 2 wall painting projects a year, and also make paintings and exhibitions.

Untill later, Greetings, Evlien
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