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Duration Prices

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Hey guys...what are yall paying per gallon for SW Duration Home...what kinda coverage per sq are you getting from a gallon? Thanks
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Duration Home

Hello everyone, I haven't posted before but have been lurking, I really do enjoy this site. Been in business 10 years, specalizing in interiors, wallpaper and some faux work.
I have a great S/W rep., took 2 account changes to get to this point.
Duration Home is an excellant product. I was quoted $23.00 a gallon, however the rep was told by his boss that it was incorrect. My rep. stood his ground and I continue to have this price honored, I expect a change when the next price increase happens.
The issue with having to wait for touch ups to blend contiunes to baffle me since I have not experienced this. I have used serveral colors (nothing dark) mostly light tans, greens, lavender and white. I have taken a red crayon to a wall painted white that had been painted 48 hours and it cleaned up perfectly. I've made a drywall sample board and have tried crayon, ink pen and magic marker. All removed easily although the ink pen left an impression but no ink. On my current job we were re-installing a stair hand rail that had been stained in cherry, the rail scuffed the wall leaving a redish mark, it came of as well.
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Trey said:
I was quoted $25.00. I have not used this yet as most of my clients prefer satin finishes, wich clean anyway so I've been using Cashmere and Superpaint. I just bid a size commercial job and I scoped Duration Home, but don't know if I will get the job, and I think they want to beat me down on the price so I don't know if I will get to use this. Sooner or later I will run into a job where washable flat is required and I will try this product as I have only heard great things.
This is really not a flat finish. There are two finishes avaiable, Matte and semi gloss, the matt has a sheen to it.
This paint has good hide and coverage and is a dream to work with.
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