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Dump Truck for Hire

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I am a licensed waste hauler in Northern New Jersey.
If you need a dumpster in a hurry or for just a few hours I can provide a 10 yd dump truck at your site, once it is full I will remove it.
I currently work with several contractors who do high rise jobs where they can't park a dumpster overnight or their customers don't want it left in the driveway.

Bergen and Passaic Cty. $325.00 up to 4000lbs.
Bozzone Property Maintenance, LLC
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i have a 20 yd dumpster that gets dumped for 50 and the landfill for waste and 40 for construction.
I am not sure what prices are charged in other parts of the country, but up here we pay from 90 - 98 per ton.
We are located in Southern California and are family owned and operated. Our company provides 3Yard Rental Bins, 10YD Roll Off's, 40YD Roll Off's and have many contacts available to provide High Side/Low Side End Dumps and Super 10's as well.

If you are interested in a free quote, give us a call (626) 444-6282 or (562) 903-5510.


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