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This is an hour only question. Install only.
4,000 sq ft of 5/8" FireShield. 187' L X 21' H. hang and paint, no big deal, right?
Wrong! It has to be done in a space that is less than 24" wide with two 10' accesses. One is at one end and the other about 1/4 of the length from the other end. The sheets will have to be slid down the narrow corridor, hoisted into place, finished and painted in an area that is difficult to get a 5 gal pail through. I'm just working on logistics now, some kind of scaffolding that will work in that small of an area. Most of my sheetrock is run of the mill stuff and the numbers that I am coming up with on this job are just too fantastic. Naturally I'm dealing with ins. too and they haven't sent anyone out to look this over, they also told me that my quote was 'gougeing', sight unseen.
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