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drywall vac

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Does anyone use a shop vac to keep dust down when sanding drywall mud? We use the Porter Cable "pole" sander to sand our drywall. Hooked to a vac. to keep the dust down. I've heard of the use of a "water bath" of sorts in line to help keep the filter clean. Anyone have any info on such a creature? Thanks all!

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Some years ago I was desperate for a replacement filter for my Craftsman shopvac. The Sears I went to was out of the standard, pleated, paper cartridge that I needed so I broke down and bought a reusable Gortex filter that was $30 or so and on the shelf. It was some of the best money I ever spent. It will not pass any fines (drywall dust, fireplace ash, etc.) in the exhaust. Every once in a while I rinse it off, let it dry and reinstall it.
Teetorbilt said:
. Any idea of what happens when you mix embers, vacuum cleaner dirt and forced air?
Let's see...heat + fuel + air = hmmmm?
Yeah, I'm reminded of that by the 'safety director' every time I drag the shop vac into the family room. You know the routine "you're going to burn the house down one of these days!". Starts to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher after a while.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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