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drywall vac

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Does anyone use a shop vac to keep dust down when sanding drywall mud? We use the Porter Cable "pole" sander to sand our drywall. Hooked to a vac. to keep the dust down. I've heard of the use of a "water bath" of sorts in line to help keep the filter clean. Anyone have any info on such a creature? Thanks all!

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There are only two drywall vacs that I know of Porta cable & Loveless made for drywall you could also use a pullman vac that has a soot bag used for cleaning furnaces, I have a porta Cable and a pullman I use the porta Cable Vac just for drywall because its not very good as a regular vac, It could be used as a shop vac but tends to plug up the filter fast and if you use bags it would probaly be alright but at $25 for three bags which get distroyed when taking off it gets expensive
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