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Mud box
two pieces of plywood 12x16
two pieces of plywood 8x12

Nail the 8x12s together in a v and place between the 12x16inch pieces and fasten. the V piece forms a trough to pour slurry in.

Two pieces of copper pipe 12 inches long. Drill a hole in the trough from bottom side to bottom side and insert one pipe through. place a roll of tape on one pipe on the top at one end of this contraption. Fish the tape through the trough and under the center pipe in the trough. You should have fastened the sawzal blade at the opposite top edge of the trough as that is how you cut the tape. Fill trough with slurry, pull out a piece of tape. It is usually necessary to nail a 1x2 onto the top of the trough to act as a wiper so only one side of the tape gets coated and the wiper spills the extra mud back into the box.

Cost of building the box= maybe 5 dollars
one sawzal blade
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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