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dry ice blasting?

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I have a chance to work with a guy that has a dry ice blast set up mobile with a 375 compressor airless and hydrostatic paint set ups and a shop for inhouse work, basicly he's looking for someone to do the work and he supplies all materials, equipment etc. he doesn't want an employee or to pay me an hourly wage he wants someone to run the show find the work and do it and take a percentage , I have a couple of questions since I know nothing about dry ice blasting, 1/ what are the pros and cons of dry ice and 2/ what are the main markets for dry ice comparied to regular blasting and how market and get the jobs 3/ what is the going rate for dry ice blasting. this sounds like a great opportunity but not if I can't find the work, it's very hard to get into the fire restoration side around here because they seem to use there own equipment or out of town companies, I have a "IN" at a mold removal company but he says he uses chemicals for 90% of his work
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Not trying to be a smart ass but If you have to hustle all the work and perform all the work why not do it for yourself?

The only reason I say anything is I owned a franchise for years and gave 10% every month away, Going at it alone was hard at first, no leads, no equipment financing other than what i could get with my own credit.

Consider renting equipment as you get the jobs,
Again, this is not intended to offend, its tough to give away 10 percent.

Good Luck
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