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Dripping grease gun

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Is there a trick to stop grease guns from oozing ?

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I thought maybe one of you guys may have a solution to my dilemma.
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Mesh tape.....:jester:

It's coming out of the nose?
I think it's either the grease you are using or maybe you are storing it somewhere that gets real hot, because I never see anything that liquidy.
looks to me like you have a leak from the hose to gun connection. remove the hose and see what's wrong. could be a damaged oring, bad sealing surface, or if its NPT it may just be loose. I am curious is that 4500psi hose? That looks like the same hose we use for 4500psi air. I'd bet a nickel that when you remove that hose there is a 011 oring. Replace that and you should be golden.

Send a photo with the hose off please.

That's a Lucas grease gun. Not sure what psi that hose is.

Florida temps I guess. It seems like every gun I've ever owned has done this. If I hang it up I'll get a puddle under it.

I'll have to check the seals and try tightening up the fittings.
I've had this problem before.. I doubt its the guns fault. The grease your using seems to be a bearing grease. try a thicker lithium grease. I never had a dripping problem with a thick white lithium.
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All of my grease guns will do the same leaking. It is worse when the heat is higher but I've not had one that won't leave a puddle here or there occasionally.

I just wrap a cloth around it and live with it.
Drop the hose end, and as much of the gun in an old sock for storage. Store upright, problem solved
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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