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drip cap

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here ya go bud:thumbsup:

this close to what your looking for?
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gotta love that drip cap..nice work.
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Tom that middle picture is one of my favorite looking ones I've seen you post.

That third one is fugly. Not because of you but choice of color/product.

First one is like the bud light of shake siding. I've done hundreds of grey with white trim.

Middle one is sharp.
you should have seen that dump before the addition was put on,the archy speced alcoa dutch lap and shakes

i told the h.o. it would look like every other pos on the block,and pushed him to wood

by the way that house is 2 doors down from me,one of the other pos:rolleyes:
the first picture, how did you fabricate the drip cap?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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