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Greetings All,

I am trying to plan a bathroom remodel for some clients of mine. My problem is I have a 9' run of vanity and cultured marble top running along an outside bearing wall(A) on the second story of a split foyer home. There is no vent stack or drain lines in this wall outside wall(A).

The current drain lines for the double sinks runs inside the length of the cabinetry for about 5' and into the left wall(B) stack. The stack is shared by an adjoining bath in the same left wall(B). The toilet is on wall(B) as well. Wall(B)is approximately 4' wide so the toilet and the far left sink base share the same wall. The turnout for the stack comes through wall(B) and into the far left base cabinet. You can literally sit on the throne and wash your hands at the same time. Its very crowded on the left end where the toilet is but that where the stack is. (Just picture a long and narrow bathroom the stacks at the farthest end in the left wall(B)).

Also, check this out! Currently there are no traps on either sink!!! They places a homemade trap made of 90 degree pvc pieces in the 1 1/4" drain line between the stack and the first sink.

I would like to shift the sinks towards the right but I would be moving further away from the stack. As it stands I have all the sinks and toilet bunched together on the left with nothing but a long flat run of counter top on the right. It looks really awkward. I have more room on the right so the sink placement would look and function better there.

I would like to place the 2nd. sink (farthest from the stack) about 7' away from the stack. Thats probably 2' longer than code but do you think I could make it work? If not what other options do you think I have?

My clients are really tall and have requested that I build a platform about 4" high to place the vanity base cabinets on. I could maybe use the area inside the platform for a drain line but I'll still be farther than 5'. I would probably end up using a "S" trap in that situation.

What do you think I should do with this bad layout. Shall I stay with the current configuration but trap it properly or do you think I can run the drain lines a different way?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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