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Door work supports

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Good morning! Looking for ideas on different types of supports to hold a door while routing hinges. I usually stand over the door and use my knees but was looking to build some kind of support. I have seen a few ideas in books and come up with some of my own. Just wondering what others have found works and what doesn't. Thanks in advance.
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I screw a couple of pieces of scrap to the end of a couple of sawbucks and clamp the door to them.
If you do this often, you may want to build something custom.
Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for. Funny, I usually lean it against my sawhorses too, just couldn't think of how to clamp it. I think I will try that as I don't do them often enough to build something dedicated. I always have my sawhorses though!

By the way this is a great site. Very clean of unwanted info and comments. Unike some other forums I read. keep up the good work.
GMW, you just haven't found the right thread yet. LOL
Bob hasn't been around much either. :cheesygri :cheesygri
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