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Door Knocking - I need to get better

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Went out door knocking for the first time for my business. ( I did it for a different company once and it didnt go well.

FIRST HOUSE i went to sold a $1900 job - at a great price.

They origanally were like well we will call you before winter, and I said, if you do it in the next two weeks ill take $100.00 off - THEY were like OK!

Gave 5 estimates

Handed out about 50 magnets - business cards.

I think I need to get better at convincing them let me give them a free estimate. I am targeting new construction, and these people are going to get gutters its just a matter of when.

So far I have just been knocking and saying,

Hi, I was wondering if you have ever considered getting Seamless Gutters on your home?

Most people actually said yes.

But they either are not looking to spend money right now.

I got a few people that were just flat out mad.

I get this one lady, --- She says, ALL PISSED OFF, my husband does gutters!

I was like, oh, why hasnt he done the house - Just curious -

She's like he is a contractor he doesnt have time!

-I am sure he has a gutter machine!-

I am going to try to knock 10 hours a week for good if it keeps producing!

I think it will generate great business after I have been doing it for a few months!

Any advice on door knocking would be great! I need to know!

-How to get contact info!

-How to get them to let you give them a estimate!

-How to close!

-The best entry lines into the sales pitch - Is " EVERY thought of gettin gutters" A good way to start?

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Drummin' up some bidness

I think knocking on someone's door depends on the region you live in, in some parts of NH, you just might get a tail full of buckshot. You could try this; give them the idea that you got stuck with material from a cancelled job and it happens to be the color of their trim/house, would they want a great price on an install? I dunno, like ya said some people get freaky when you tap on their door,.... HEY! I know! BRING COOKIES! Just kiddin' could also tell them your going back to the way business used to be conducted, they get to meet the owner of the business right off the bat, so you can let them see your a respectable businessman,(you r...right? :) ) and that in person introduction to your services gives your potential work for them or the proposal/bid a personal touch, something others' don't have, rather than an ad in the paper, or flyer in the mailbox, because you really never know who is going to show up at the door when they may try that route. I've also found that offering them a credit or discount if they refer business that signs a deal. Just don't stiff anyone, good news, or 'word travels fast, bad news/'word is way, way, faster!. Good Luck, and keep the cookies next to the heater, they might like 'em warm....
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