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Door Knocking - I need to get better

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Went out door knocking for the first time for my business. ( I did it for a different company once and it didnt go well.

FIRST HOUSE i went to sold a $1900 job - at a great price.

They origanally were like well we will call you before winter, and I said, if you do it in the next two weeks ill take $100.00 off - THEY were like OK!

Gave 5 estimates

Handed out about 50 magnets - business cards.

I think I need to get better at convincing them let me give them a free estimate. I am targeting new construction, and these people are going to get gutters its just a matter of when.

So far I have just been knocking and saying,

Hi, I was wondering if you have ever considered getting Seamless Gutters on your home?

Most people actually said yes.

But they either are not looking to spend money right now.

I got a few people that were just flat out mad.

I get this one lady, --- She says, ALL PISSED OFF, my husband does gutters!

I was like, oh, why hasnt he done the house - Just curious -

She's like he is a contractor he doesnt have time!

-I am sure he has a gutter machine!-

I am going to try to knock 10 hours a week for good if it keeps producing!

I think it will generate great business after I have been doing it for a few months!

Any advice on door knocking would be great! I need to know!

-How to get contact info!

-How to get them to let you give them a estimate!

-How to close!

-The best entry lines into the sales pitch - Is " EVERY thought of gettin gutters" A good way to start?

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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