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Door Hangers

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How many of you guys use Door Hangers to advertiser your business?

I know a few guys who spread them in about a one block radius while they work a job... seems like cheap/easy way to advertise.

The door hanger will have their logo, Phone #, website, graphic and address of the house they are working on.
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I love the idea of door hangers. I've personally been door hangered and the company made the sale because of it. Driving home through the neighborhood I passed a company doing rock walls in someone's yard. I needed this work done. The next day I passed them on the way out and made a mental note to stop there on the way back home to talk to them. Passed them on the way back home, didn't stop, didn't see anyone outside, didn't want to knock on the door. Next day drove by again, gave up on trying to stop by decided I would give them a call, of course I wrote down the number, got involved in other things 2 days go by I never called. They say you need to get in front of somebody 7 times before your marketing gets affective, maybe that was the affect of the door hanger.

Next day their door hanger showed up on my door, something about it finally pushed me over the edge to call them, they did the job, happiness all around.

I think those door hangers could be just the ticket for somebody to make the call, or even if they are thinking of getting the work done a little later, they will save the door hanger and end up calling you a few weeks down the road. Mentally they already know you a little bit, they have seen you working or even the work, they have more of a comfort zone with you over just another name they would pull out of the phone book.

Obviously, I'm going to be adding them to my marketing equipment.
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I've been looking at that exact site toying with the prospect of doing some door hangers myself now. So far they seem to be pretty affordable considering you are able to do a total custom design. I've found cheaper printers online for door hangers but they are limiting you to templates.
Update: My door hangers arrived from the printer yesterday. Look just like what I sent them. 10,000 2 color front and back for $399.00. That's 4 cents apiece and delivery looks like 11 cents, so 15 cents total. I will start putting them out in January some time, so I will post back the results.
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