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"Everyone Loves a Beautiful Lawn"

I would remove the $7 - $10 per sq ft. You need to get the customer curious enough to call, hot enough to buy, then then discuss price. Wow!!! $63 per yard! I didn't know it costs that much!

10 reasons to buy is not necessary and too many to read. I think I would list 3 of the best reasons. This would give you more room to write with larger print that would be easier to read.

I would remove the 3 pictures in the circles because at the time of delivery these are not critical and should be discussed only in the sales presentation.

Rather that the sq ft price I would offer a 20% to 50% season special discount or some type of discount that sounds real and reasonable.

The special discount has to have an expiration date with a reasonable enough time to make the decision to call.

The, "Give Us A Call" has no value and can be entirely eliminated.

I think lawn and fences are the most critical things that make the difference regarding the values of homes for entire neighborhoods. There could be an ego factor with a before picture, after picture, and corresponding home values $$$.

I would remove the, "Learn How Your Lawn Can Always Be Green." Everyone already knows that artificial lawns are always green (unless I am missing something about what you are selling). I would change the words to something that expresses the fact that the lawns are green during summer, winter, spring, and fall, or year round, etc.

I like to read my advertising for several days, remove every word that is not necessary, and change words to those that either sound better, or make the most sense

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The dog is cute, but, right away, I think of a pee laden carpet.
For that same reason, I think it preemptively addresses a question that most people have. Without that picture of the dog, I think that I would say, "Nah.. I can't have artificial turf. I have a dog." But with this ad I say, "Oh! I guess it's ok! They have a dog too!"

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Excellent design! The dog in the grass, grabs the readers attention. I agree with the others that said to ditch the pricing. I'd focus on telling the reader how much money they can save, in yearly maintenance costs, or how it's a much cheaper alternative to concrete, or pavers.

My landscaper charged me over $1,200.00 last year to maintain my lawn.. In addition to that, we had concrete done in the backyard, because I wanted a place to host parties, and have a safe place for my kids to play. Total cost was $15,000.00. Had I known this synthetic grass, would've been a cheaper, safe alternative, we would've done at least half the yard with it.

Around here, lots of people do concrete, or pavers in their backyards to do away with the hassle of cutting grass. Is it the same way in your area?

Hopefully my experience will give you ideas to help get your phone ringing. Good luck!

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I love the design/ layout and color combination. However, the front of the doorhanger doesn't make it immediately obvious that you're offering the installation of synthetic turf. And when you give a price per sq. ft. I'm thinking "wow, that's really expensive for lawn maintenance" because that's what I assume you're offering.

I would remove the $7 - $10 per sq ft. You need to get the customer curious enough to call, hot enough to buy, then then discuss price.
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