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Dog park fence

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Hi Guys
My wife is getting a dog park going in SE. Mass. She needs aprox 600lf. of 6' chain link fencing with one doubble chute type gate system and a gate for maintence equip.
It is on city land with easy access and flat terrain. Any ideas on ball park price per foot, and any sugestions on types/styles.
This will all be done thru donations with no city funds used. Just trying to get an idea of the funds needed to be raised. And any help with the secret terminolgy for when she gets to talking with local companys.

Your help will get me the browine points so thanks in advance.
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Your best bet will be getting some bids locally. With that footage I would imagine the bids may vary greatly from one another. Contact both comercial and residential companies. You may find someone to offer discounted labor services as they can probably use the job as a tax break.

I do not install chain link so I cant help you with the terminoligy.
When I worked for Pensacola's Parks & Rec, I was responsible for building 3 dog parks. We used 6', 9 gauge core green vinyl fabric.Anything of smaller gauge will not last. Use schedule 40 pipe for rails and line posts. We had two sets of 5' gates allowing for our Tree Crew trucks entrance into the park for maintenance and to keep sneaky dogs from escaping. Inbetween the gate area we poured concrete to stop erosion and tunneling under the gates. We also had separate areas for small dogs. Had an incident where a Rot bit the head off a Pomeranian. Bad day for dog parks when that happened. Make sure a water source is available and seating for humans. We also used Dogipots dispensers for poop bags and had trash cans spaced throughout the area. At the water dog park, a shower was also installed. If you need pictures I could take them and send them to you. You will also want to develop a set a rules and post them at the entrances.
Thanks b
She has a pretty good handle on the layout and rules.
I'm just trying to help out with the fencing.
Sounds like a trip to the nearest dog park is in order for my in-laws' dog.
Had an incident where a Rot bit the head off a Pomeranian.
Common Terminology

Terminal posts- also known as end posts and gate post
Line posts- obvious
Dome Cap- Cap for terminal posts
Eyecap or loop cap- cap for line posts that top rail goes through
Top rail- rail that runs along top of fabric
Bottom Rail- Rail that goes along ground along fence line
Bottom Tension wire-Wire that goes along bottom of fence line
Use bottom rail or bottom tension wire- not both!
Brace Band- Goes on terminal post and holds rail ends and tension wire
Tension Bands- goes on terminal posts and hold tension bars
Rail Ends- attatches to brace bands on terminal post and holds top rail
Tension bar- this is the bar you weave through the fabric and attatch to tension bands on the termial post
Definitly go with the schedule 40!
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