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Does anyone know any site contractors near Philly?

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I'm putting together a bid for some site work in Newtown, PA about thirty miles north of Philly. Does anyone know of any good site contractors in that area?


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How large of a job ?

Schlouch which is located near Reading.

H&K has a couple entities down in that area.

Alan Myers is in that area also.

You ever venture up in the NEPA area ?
Thanks for the tips. They look like some fantastic companies however, this job is probably too small for them. It's less than $75000. But I will keep them in mind for when I have a larger project.

Reading Site Contractors comes to mind.

Wayne Carmint out of King of Prussia/Norristown.
How far from the Jersey border? We go into New hope.

Try Reading. They are pretty good.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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