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Do you think that home DIY has made it harder to make a living?

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Hi all

Over the years I have seen new trends come and go something new that you can do to your house or buildings.

Do you think that things like DIY laminate flooring and other do it yourself type packs have impacted the industry as a whole?

There so many things you can buy ready to clip together etc, flooring I thought was the best example as its so wide spread.

Im quite a handy guy but I did pay someone else to lay my floor just to save me the hassle.
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Yes it has made an impact. As all new technology does. But there are just as many people trying and failing to do good DIY so it works out that you now get to rip out work that was done badly.

I would say marketing products to the home owner has probably increased the wasting of good material while people learn that they aren't really very good at the stuff we do every day, yet people must learn, even if it is to discover they are incompetent and need to call a professional next time.

We had a local builder that used every cheap product and sub par laborers he could find to amass millions of dollars. Now his homes generate repair work in the millions. His methodology was much like the DIY-ers and created more work for years to come for us in remodeling.:clap:
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