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Hi all .. I am a licensed carpenter for the government.. but since I do a lot of jobs during the weekends I am finally in the market for more tools.. currently I have been looking for a floor nailer.

since I now I would not be doing a lot of floors, but this year I have already rented a flooring nailer 5 times. I think I should just buy one and get on with it.. but which one do I buy???

Primatech is too high end for the amount that I would do

Stanley/bostitch is middle of the road.. don't really want to spend $400
but is it worth it at the end of the day?

Dewalt nailer.. which a coworker has bought and is trying to talk me into getting. only 199$ at lowes. low end!!

will I kick myself in the a$$ if I go for the 199$ or do I go for the more expensive bostitch version???

what to do???
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