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do you really get what you pay for??

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Hi all .. I am a licensed carpenter for the government.. but since I do a lot of jobs during the weekends I am finally in the market for more tools.. currently I have been looking for a floor nailer.

since I now I would not be doing a lot of floors, but this year I have already rented a flooring nailer 5 times. I think I should just buy one and get on with it.. but which one do I buy???

Primatech is too high end for the amount that I would do

Stanley/bostitch is middle of the road.. don't really want to spend $400
but is it worth it at the end of the day?

Dewalt nailer.. which a coworker has bought and is trying to talk me into getting. only 199$ at lowes. low end!!

will I kick myself in the a$$ if I go for the 199$ or do I go for the more expensive bostitch version???

what to do???
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I got my bostitch on craigslist from a homeowner who used it for his living room and then resold it. Think I paid 160 for it. Took me a while of browsing to find it, but I didn't need it right away so time wasn't an issue.
For the most part, yes.
Do You Really Get What You Pay For??
The BOSTITCH 100% yes. They make great nailers/staples. You won't go wrong. 7 year warranty on top of that. Avoid the cheapies because when I was in the market for mine, I went to one supply store and the guy told me straight up for 150 dollars off brand its not worth the headaache, buy something decent if not good and you wont be sorry.
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