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Do you have an elevator (10 sec.) speech?

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Do you have an elevator (15 sec.) speech?

I see how people in other business have very strong elevator speeches. Can’t make one for myself? I can probably wrap it as blah-blah-blah residential capital improvements, or can I? What % of your clients knows what a capital improvement is and visualizes it as finished basement? Word “remodeling” gets mixed feeling and a lot of questions.
Another problem: I can’t pick that one quality that makes us unique. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t pick it from the list of 30 unique qualities we have.
Any advice? Any examples of good elevator speeches?
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The best Elevator Pitch.........

I`ve written an abundance of EP`s, and have found the best ones reflect more of the emotions of the client than the ultimate service rendered.
"We bring a solid craftsmanship and fresh ideas approach to the
mostly forgotten spaces In the home`s and work spaces of
our exclusive list of very satisfied customers and those they
love to refer to us"

I hope that helped alittle, Eagle:Thumbs:
Wow, Tough Crowd!! I`ll be less apt to post In the future. Eagle
No apologies please, My skin is as rawhide...

I appreciate the candor and your varied opinions. Granted, the construction industry mandates a more cut and dry approach. I believe it`s almost a requirement to remain short and to the point when communicating with potential prospects. But I also know from many years of sales and mktg. experience, that image holds alot of weight when working within certain segments of the market. People are somewhat vain, and often are drawn
towards the professional with finesse and presentation appeal. And they are continually being judged by more than just a good job. Meaning: They like to have a contractor parked In their yard with nice equiptment, and solid appearances from the staff that allows them additional bragging rights when discussing the enhancements they are adding to their projects with
neighbors, family, and friends.
This said, I believe that the contractor professional who can set his self apart thru the words he speaks, and the brand that he carries, will ultimately be working in select neighborhoods for long periods of time.
And we all know that a referral costs less and most assuredly has the potential of profiting us more.
Thanks For The Venue All! Eagle:smile:
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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