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Do you have an elevator (10 sec.) speech?

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Do you have an elevator (15 sec.) speech?

I see how people in other business have very strong elevator speeches. Can’t make one for myself? I can probably wrap it as blah-blah-blah residential capital improvements, or can I? What % of your clients knows what a capital improvement is and visualizes it as finished basement? Word “remodeling” gets mixed feeling and a lot of questions.
Another problem: I can’t pick that one quality that makes us unique. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t pick it from the list of 30 unique qualities we have.
Any advice? Any examples of good elevator speeches?
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I will interject a comment. because WE as contractors know what capitol improvements are, you'd be suprised the number of home owners that stare back at me with a blank face when I say that term.

When people ask what I do I say "I do roofing and exterior remodeling."
Eagle said:
"We bring a solid craftsmanship and fresh ideas approach to the mostly forgotten spaces In the home`s and work spaces of our exclusive list of very satisfied customers and those they love to refer to us"
Waaaaaaay too wordy. If You said that to me, I would say "huh?"

What's the point of an elevator speech? To introduce yourself and your services, correct? What's the point of introducing yourself? Hoping that the person needs your services or knows somebody who does need your services, Correct?

Ok how about this elevator speech:
I am a roofing and exterior remodeling contractor, such as siding, gutters and windows. Here.... take my card.
The obvious now is to hand it to them. Don't ask, just hand it to them.

Also it is my hope when introducing myself and my services that they are interested enough to ask more questions. It reply with some interest. I was at the store last friday picking up something, when an older gentleman walked in. The guy at the counter and I were making idle chit chat. It was obvious that day that I work in construction since I was working on the roof that day. Something about a long day came up, and I mentioned I have been working since 5 am, and at that time is was 9pm. The older man was shocked, butted in asking if I did construction. BAM! "Yes sir, I wouldn't say construction but we specialize in exterior remodeling like roofing sidign and gutters." He replied "Really?" which as we all know is just more idle chit chat. I replied "Yep, and we are local, right down the street infact. Here take my card."
The point to me is to let them know what I do. If they are interested they will ask. I do not have to shove my whole corporate culture down their throat. Just like in the sales meeting my goal is to get them involved.

Obviously if they show some interest I would bring up the other crap about "We take a professional approach to everything we do... because boy I don't know about you but I am sure we can all use one less headache." In addition if it were a builder that might be something I'd say, but if it were a home owner I might bring up something else about "We take a professional approach to the exterior remodeling. We really try to make it easy on the customer in the long run by doing it right the first time."

The point is as stated above I am not going to shove it all down their throat unless they show some interest. It has happened quite a few times where I have stated "I am a roofing and siding contractor" in the line of the shopping center and the guys said "Really?! We are thining about having our roof re-done. Do you have a card?" That one was a no-brainer but admitingly not the norm.
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