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The more details/product info/finishes/etc. you put into your pages, the greater keyword reach you will have.

The competition for generic keywords is stiff. The more variety you have to your content, the more you'll be able to capture longer search phrases.

As an example: Try "Indianapolis Glass Tile Master Bath" in Google.

You'll find 1/3 of the first page results lead to me, or things I have written. You never know what someone might enter as a search phrase. The more content you have, the more keywords you hit.

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Google uses text on your pages to determine what your page is about and then indexes it accordingly. Keyword stuffing used to be a favorite tactic of those in the seo business g=to get pages ranked high in the search engines.

These days that does not work and can actually hurt your site.

That being said a well written description whit the correct keywords help the search engines to help you. I try and keep my keyword density between 1.5% - 3%. Some keywords can be used more often without being spammy while others can only be used a couple of times. (long tail keywords of 4 words or more)

Descriptions also help your readers get a better feel for you and your company which is definitely a good thing.


PS your site is looking pretty good
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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