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DIY How To Guides

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Hey guys

As some of you know I'm currently putting together a DIY site called

In my view there are three major flaws with most contractor boards.
First, most of them are designed poorly.
Second, they become infested by people who cause trouble and have nothing good to say.
Last, they become a place for homeowners to ask contractors questions instead of a place for contractors to share business and trade knowledge. is an attempt to solve that last problem. Any homeowners who have questions about any given topic can do so on this site.

I need your help!

I'm trying to put together a few DIY Guides to home improvement. They will be a resource the site will offer.

These guides need to provide basic steps for homeowners to complete home improvement tasks.
How to hang wallpaper
How to Install laminate flooring
How to build a deck

These guides are not for advertising any certain product over another or for telling a homeowner they should hire a contractor to do this task instead of doing it themselves.

If you choose to write a guide it will be read for quality and used only if it’s clear and accurate. (Some editing may be done as well)

I'm not paying anyone for these but if you do decide to write one you may ad a short paragraph to the end of the guide telling people who you are, where you are located, your company name, as well as a website or phone number where they can reach you.

I'm not sure if anyone will be interested in this or not but if you are let me know.

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I have a bunch I wrote for our company web site and some just to practice answering questions.

I'll mail them to you in a word format in the coming days.

Some are repeats from Pgriz, some are fresh and new, most are about roofing. I've some general ones as well as some about windows and siding etc...
Florcraft, that how to buy a floor is a guide you can write.
pgriz said:
Another thought... (wow, two in a row, must be a good day). How about a guide telling people when they should NOT DIY. For example, a 4:12 roof with no dormers or valleys can be considered a DIY roofing project, but a three-story Victorian-style mansion with 12:12 slopes, turrets and a zillion details should probably be left to professionals. Or using an automotive example, many know how to change the oil on their car, but almost no-one should think about changing the piston rings themselves. Now I know it's not a black or white thing, as skill levels vary, but surely there are areas where we can say that in THIS area, most people can do it themselves, but in THAT area, hire a professional. Comments?
I changed piston rings and rebuilt engines in high school. :)

But your right not every project is a DYI project.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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