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Direct Mailers

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Hey guys!(and possibly girls)! Looking for some feedback on direct mailers and they're effectiveness. Obviously a well designed postcard is the key, but a little feedback on effectiveness, offers, radius mailers, and any pitfalls, or things I should know in advance?
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It's a crap shoot for our line of work. Most people aren't going to pickup a postcard and call a remodeling company.

But if you do one, make sure that you give them a reason to call and give you information. I love playing off of the remodeling TV shows out there. Hold a contest to give away a $5000 powder room remodel. It doesn't have to cost you $5000 but a few thousand dollars isn't a bad investment to get their information.

Make the contest one that requires them to send you an essay on why their bathroom needs a makeover and what they would like to do to it. Also make sure they include pictures and measurements.

I haven't needed to try this one for my business, but before I did this for a living I helped a buddy start up a marketing company and this was one of my ideas that he used for an interior designer and it worked really well.

Make sure that the postcard has an interrupt. An interrupt is something that makes them take a second look and interrupt their standard response to junk mail. People say SEX sells, but it does not such thing, it interrupts. You see a hot little number on a billboard and you look. It interrupts your train of thought and makes you look closer. And it doesn't even have to do with remodeling just something that makes them take a closer look at your postcard.
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i think its a waste of time

you need to figure out how to get more referral calls.....if your starting out its tough...networking helped me...took me 2-3 years until referral calls came in on a regular basis...i worked for GC's to get in as many houses as possible...i always make it a point to make a personal connection with the homeowner...i want to be their friend......people help their friends
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Direct mails won't be a waste of time, effort and money if done correctly.

Incorporate these 5 simple elements in your direct mails to build your customers’ trust and communicate clearly to them who you are, what is your business and why do they need your services.

1. Attention-grabbing headline
It should not too long. You may want it to be in bold to capture more attention. Most importantly, clearly or specifically state why they need to read it or what products or services are you offering.

2. Images or Graphics
This should clearly and easily communicate and support the message.

3. Engaging color scheme
Have good color and contrast so that your mail will pop out and will make your customers read it.

4. Interesting and valuable content
This should continue what your headline started. Include benefits and what your offers are and have them into a bulleted form. And give your customers reasons to do the next steps.

If you can make it possible, always have your name or company name and logo because this increases your credibility as well as your customers’ trust.

Include a return address as well as contact information.

5. Call to action
Always include a “call to action” such as “call us today”, “visit our website”, etc.
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