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Did your equipment get stolen?

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A policeman started a web site to clear out the property rooms of police stations. Funny as I thought someone had already done this...ebay! anyway, this stuff is all from the police impound. Not much on there yet, but the tool room has quite a bit of stuff.

So the reason I am posting this is that the site owner said; "If you find your items on our site, we will return the items to you" Might be worth a look every once it a while if you get hit.
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I found that site several years ago. When it first started it was kind of fun to look at what the majority of the items were. I noticed a lot of crowbars, car sterio's and grow lights. Had to wonder if they would alert the local PD if you bought a bunch of growlights?
I did buy some stuff off of it. Got some fishing gear and gun scabbards.
Cheers Jim
Too expensive, I cut out the middle man and buy directly from the thiefs
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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