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Diamond blade ID?

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I bought 3 blades off Craigslist for a pretty good price. 2 are standard blades this one is unknown.
Short, tight diamonds with abrasive sides. I'm unfamiliar with this. Someone mentioned it could be for cutting metal. Any ideas?
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Looks like it's for ductal iron. I would imagine it would work on rebar.
It is for cutting ductile iron pipe and plastic pipe. The abrasive side is for beveling plastic pipe for bell and spigot gasket joints. We are mostly utility installation and that is the only blade we buy for cutting pipe any more.
I'll probably try and peddle it to some local outfits. I would rarely use it.
pisses me off when the dirt guys think a nice stone blade will cut rebar......
So I did the math.
The 3 blades together are easily worth over $700.
The bad news is they are asphalt/green crete and the ductile iron one. something I don't need.
I paid $200 for them. I think there's some room for profit for my time to flip them.
$500 for the 3, I'll ship anywhere in the 48.
I got nutt'in to hide.
Of course, I'm always open to offers.
You can use the asphalt/green concrete blades on lightweight CMU or soft brick.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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