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Diablo Carbide Saw-Z-All Blades

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I just saw them tonight at Deep ****. I got two to try them out....anyone try them?
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Every blade I have used is rubbish after 3 cuts...I finally realized that the first 12 inches of cutting is great then they tend to plateau...Now I run em until they snap.

All I have are Lennox and Hilti, but I do like other blades Freud makes I'l give em a go next time I see em.:thumbsup:
Problem was, because of the thickness, they cut incredibly slow.
Warren thats the problem I have with Milwaukee Demo blades, they are slow cutters and I have to file the tang down to get it to fit inside my old dewalt sawzall.

For demo I use these, thick enough to resist bending but thin enough to cut at a decent rate. I sometime use them only on metal and its hard to loose a tooth.
I think the Freud circular blades cut so nice because they are thin which makes them a little squirly on the bigger sizes. On a circular saw they are just dandy.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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