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I'm doing a project now that I thought Dexpan might be the ticket to removing a slab under a shower. It sounds like the latest in slab removal and I was willing to give it a try.
My local lumber yard even has it on the shelf. I was able to slide the directions out of the $107.00 box to familiarize myself with what was required. I discovered a couple of things that I want to pass on.

It requires a minimum hole diameter of 1 1/2" - 2", drilled to 95% of thickness.
The hole must be clean and free of dust.
The slab needs to be able to move, there needs to be a relief point somewhere. The slab is expanding and needs somewhere to go.
It can start working in as little as 4 hours and most likely overnight.
It is best to cover it from excessive heat (sunlight).

And there is of course a recommended hole drill pattern.

We ended up not using this product because of these restrictions.
For one, I don't own anything with the capacity to drill a 2" hole.
(I checked on a Dewalt sds, $1100.00)The 2" bit alone was another $150.00.

This product could be useful for some things but, it wasn't right for us on this. We ended up renting a jackhammer for a $100 and we were done in less than a day.

Dexpan sounds good...drill holes, pour in, come back tomorrow and load up the pieces...but it has its limitations.

I just wanted to pass this on.
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sounds like the only actual benefit of using it, is it minimizes noise & vibration. although you still have to hammer-drill.
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