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Dewalt Miter Saw Laser or LED light

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Anyone have any thoughts/ experiences with the DW7187 Laser attachment or DWS7085 LED light for the 12" saws. Thanks
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I've never had a laser line attachment work properly. 90% of my cutting is done outside and I'm in Florida so its either sunny or too wet to be outside.
They each have their pros and cons. Laser when dialed in is a little more precise. The light is nice because it's both sides. I use the light...I have a good condition laser I will sell you.
Light works great unless in direct sunlight.
Dave in Pa said:
Bi-focals don't help either!
I just noticed today that I may need glasses. It's getting hard to see the lines.
I haven't used the laser but the light is great. Being able to see where the teeth are hitting without craning your neck, or monkeying with the guard, is awesome.
Thanks for the input
I'm gettin the light:thumbup:
I just noticed today that I may need glasses. It's getting hard to see the lines.
I had that same problem until I realized dewalt makes textured laser lines. Haven't looked back since.
Just make sure it is compatable with your saw if you already have the saw. You need to make sure that the saw has a wide blade guard.
Light is awesome, I am so use to it I can barley cut without it now! By having the light casting a shadow on the blade you know exactly where that blade is going to come down
ive never had a laser sight work either. ive bought two saws with them and they both quit working after a few weeks of using the saw. the one i have now is a bosch it comes on after i clean it when i change the blade but always stops working shortly after the first thing i do when i buy a miter saw is take all the plastic guards off ive always assumed this is why.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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