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This is a tool I no longer need. It works perfectly and works excellent for drilling in concrete and masonry. It includes the original case and all owners manuals. Batteries and charger are not included.

Two notes:

1.) The side handle that is included with this is not the original. This one came off a corded DeWalt SDS rotary hammer that I used to have. I switched them because I liked the depth gauge on this one better.

2.) As you can see in the pictures, the plastic portion of the side handle that holds the depth gauge, broke. The handle still works, but the depth gauge doesn't. A new handle can be obtained for around $30. I didn't use the depth gauge enough to justify replacing it.

Along with the rotary hammer, I am including a DeWalt D25301D Dust Extractor. This is essentially new. I have never used it. I bought it in case I needed it for drilling inside office buildings, etc. and have just never needed it. Please note there is a side handle for the rotary hammer (which has the broken piece) and a separate handle for the dust extractor (in perfect condition).

New, on Amazon, the rotary hammer lists for $279 and the dust extractor lists for $113 ($392 total).

I am selling everything together for $225.

If you are interested in one tool and not the other, I will sell the rotary hammer and the case for $150 and the dust extractor for $75.

Shipping to the lower 48 will be $25 if purchasing everything, $20 if just purchasing the rotary hammer, and $15 if just purchasing the dust extractor.

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