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Densshield Installation

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I'm building a commercial laundromat in NYC and next to the washer platforms we have knee walls going in to close of the sides. On the backside we decided to use a Densshield as a tilebacker being that they get some moisture we thought it would be a good idea to ensure that it is waterproof. This is my first time using the product and I see many of you are familiar with it, so I had a few questions.

1. What product should I be using to seal all the joints between sheets? I believe silicone is correct but is there a specific brand or type?

2. How should I seal up and penetrations made if they are an inch of so larger in diameter than the conduit passing through?

3. Lastly, I noticed a few sheets had some of the gray waterproof layer is peeled along some of the edges. I am trying to avoid using those sections as much as possible but is there a way to seal it off or should I just grab another sheet from my supplier? Realistically I should just have them replace it but I can't wait on them to deliver new sheets.

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Thanks for the replies. Can I use the fibafuse over the spots that peeled away?
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