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Demolition Chute Info Needed

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We need to demo the entire inside of a second floor duplex, into a 40cy roll-off. Anyone have any contacts for a demo-chute rental company?


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Have you thought about building your own or using a large sonotube? You could probably build one for the same amount as the rental charge.

Good luck on that project & if you wouldn't mind an intro would be cool
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Thanks Sean! Was thinking about making one actually. Probably do a plywood/2x4 construction.

Here's my method

Y'know, whenever I've had to build a demo chute, here's what I do:

I rip down some OSB to whatever width is going to be appropriate for the slide. 16" and 24" are handy figures, but it can be whatever is best for what you're intending to send down. Then I take some coil stock aluminum, which we usually have left over from various exterior jobs, and overlay the OSB with that to create a nice slick surface. Then add some 2x4 or 2x6 rails to the OSB/coilstock slide to give it rigidity and provide some sidewalls. Stagger the OSB joints with the 2x material of course, and add some scab blocks where you have butt joints if the chute will be over 16' long. No need to have it buckle under a load of plaster.

Once the slide is done, we secure it to a window opening, hole we've knocked in the wall, or whatever is most convenient, and build some legs for the bottom of it. Set the height at the bottom to allow for a wheelbarrow, trailer, dumpster, or whatever you're planning to fill up. Add an extra set of legs in the middle for support if it's a long chute.

Rough description, I know. Here's a pic to illustrate a simple variant.


The sona tubes work amazingly well. That is what we use, zero debris ever falls out the sides on the way down. If it is heavy stuff like bricks or plaster we use an old extension ladder under it for support.

I've used a variety of debris chutes over the years, from site built to rental units. Some site built's looked like Homer Simpson and Jethro Clampett had collaborated, while some looked straight out of Larry Haun's dream book. The rental units are always very good. But they all did what was needed, and were appropriate for the individual job.

Looking at you job site, and the tony or faux tony neighborhood you'll be in, I would guess that you may be better served by having a scaffold company erect you one of theirs, while you put all your effort into getting the demo done ASAP.

Then again, maybe I'm reading the situation wrong, and a fine site built will be cheaper as just as good.

In answer to your original question, I have rented chutes from scaffold companies, from the big rental yards like Sunburst - which requires us to erect them, and have had the masons supply their own.
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