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Degreeser =)

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Looking for the concrete de-greeser of the year..

Have a garage floor to do before Fall rolls around, but it has a ton, and i mean a TON of motor oil on it...

Gona do a moisture test on 5 dif areas, not to worried unless the builder used a sealer in the concrete pour...

Guess Im just looking for a bad ass hardcore degreeser to use on this mess before i etch etc... ((for those who want to know why im going to etch after degreesing - only etching b/c its a polished surface (opens the pores for better adhesion)

Sherwin has a floor product specialist that wants to check this one out before I do anything :thumbup:

Anyways, hit me up guys... Im beat, need sleep :notworthy
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watch out for that paste. once you get it on your skin it will burn!
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