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Degreeser =)

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Looking for the concrete de-greeser of the year..

Have a garage floor to do before Fall rolls around, but it has a ton, and i mean a TON of motor oil on it...

Gona do a moisture test on 5 dif areas, not to worried unless the builder used a sealer in the concrete pour...

Guess Im just looking for a bad ass hardcore degreeser to use on this mess before i etch etc... ((for those who want to know why im going to etch after degreesing - only etching b/c its a polished surface (opens the pores for better adhesion)

Sherwin has a floor product specialist that wants to check this one out before I do anything :thumbup:

Anyways, hit me up guys... Im beat, need sleep :notworthy
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take some tsp the grain form add small amounts of water until you have a toothpaste like consistancy spread it over the stains let it sit for as few hours makeing sure the past douse not dry out then just pressure wash off.

hope this works for you.
watch out for that paste. once you get it on your skin it will burn!
hmm, never used it like that before... You sure about this? Hmm, what do you think.. 4hr soak minimum? Its pretty heavy oil patches...
Metro.. ill sell my business and move out there.. give me a job LOL... I hate PA =)... no elk, fish or clean rivers out here ;)
Definitely have an expert out to look at your floor before you do anything. Oil & Grease are the top floor killers. Many times i've seen it, it doesent matter how well you wash and clean the floor, the oil is absorbed into the concrete, and makes the paint "fish eye". I would skip the wash, and mechanically etch, or shot blast the floor. Then wash with an oil and grease emulsifier.

Another option would be an acid stain. This might work with a light clean then application. I have to apologize as i've seen this product used, and also the end results. I have never used it personally, nor can I remember who manufactures it :sad: I know somebody out there has and can :thumbsup:
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Yeah, im not goin to touch it less i can take care of the oil... My Sherwin rep is going to have their floor expert take a look at it.. Sherwin will not warrant any products used on concrete floors less they have their "pros" look at the jobs.. Least thats what my rep said.

You talkn about the acid stain used to marble finish concrete? Ive seen plenty of those but ive never used those products.. Ive always wanted to, looks like heaps of fun :w00t:
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