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decorative border with different laminate

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Hi guys,

I'm laying 600 sq ft of laminate next week, and my client is very excited about a decorative blue border in a small area in her kitchen. The only company with the shade she wants (kronotek 7mm) is different than the rest of the laminate (Columbia 8.3 mm), and doesn't share the same click & lock system. Is it possible? Any suggestions?

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Don't even think about interchanging laminate manufacturers, heartache is sure to follow.
Go to a good equipment dealer and get a biscut cutter...............Then make some gravy.:cheesygri

Didn't think it was a good idea from the start. Just needed the reassurance that heartache (and backache) was sure to follow.

The Festool and a router affixed with the proper slotcutter make that kind of project pretty simple.
It ain't worth the headache. Go to the blue laminent manufactor & get it all from them that way it works together not against you.
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